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Canada Pride Montréal

  • Fierté Montréal - festivals - Hôtels Gouverneur Montréal

This year, Pride Canada House will showcase 81 LGBTQ festivals across Canada to increase public awareness of the extent of the LGBTQ movement in Canada. One of them which is already well known is the Canada Pride Montreal Festival. From August 10 to 20, 2017, you will able to participate to sporting events, conferences, free outdoor concerts, all under the LGBT theme. During these 11 days of festivities, a traffic of 2.3 million is planned! The Montreal pride parade will take place on Sunday, August 20, 2017. Our hotel, located near the gay village, is the perfect place to be in the heart of the festivities.

Useful information
Parc des Faubourgs, Montreal (map)
2 km from Hôtels Gouverneur Montréal
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